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Available when you are and without the hassle of the waiting room.

What is Doctor On Demand?

Doctor On Demand (DOD) is a health care service that provides on-demand access or same-day appointments with board-certified physicians or next-day appointments with psychologists and psychiatrists from any device with a front-facing camera — smartphone, tablet or computer. Doctor On Demand providers can treat most common non-emergency medical issues through live, face-to-face video visits.

How does it work?

Users connect online or via an app on any device with a front-facing camera – smartphone, tablet or computer. Users can register in advance or at the time of service. When registering, they will be prompted to enter personal information and payment / insurance details. Users log in and a video chat will open at the scheduled appointment time.

What conditions can be treated?

DOD physicians are able to treat urgent but non-emergency conditions such as upper respiratory infections, allergies, yeast infections, sports injuries, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, back pain and rashes. They can also provide travel medicine and prescription refills. Psychologists and psychiatrists treat stress, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, changes in mood, alcohol and tobacco addictions, and eating issues.


From the comfort of your smartphone! Taxi, Doctor, Nurse, Ambulance and track their arrival

Medical attention is a constant in most people’s lives. With the doctors on demand app you allow your customers to pick and choose doctors and specialists based on your affliction and requirement and get them to visit you right at your doorstep.

This app works by first having your customers log in and choose the category of doctors that you require like paediatrician, gynaecologist, dentist, orthopaedic etc. Then your customer can choose the nature of requirement with patient details and other such issues. Post this; an appointment can be set for the doctor who will then visit your customer’s place at the suggested address.