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24/7 MOBIDOC Billing Process to increase your cashflow and Collect receivables faster!

  • Are you tired of inputting manually billing information and send invoices that delay your payment?

  • Is your reimbursement declining?

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  • Would you like to spend more time on patient care?

For most healthcare organizations it is a toss-up between quality patient care and profits. It is a dicey situation. You don't have to make a choice anymore. Focus on patient care.

When a patient receives medical services from a healthcare provider, they’re typically presented with a bill at the end of their services. MobiDOC Billing creates this bill by looking at the balance (if any) the patient has, adding the cost of the procedure or service to that balance, deducting the amount covered by insurance, and factoring in a patient’s copay or deductible.Let’s take a quick step back to talk briefly about the insurance process. Health insurance is insurance against medical expenses.Put simply, people with health insurance, sometimes called ‘the insured’ or ‘subscribers,’pay a certain amount in order to have a degree of protection against medical costs.The creation of the claim is where medical billing most directly overlaps with medical coding. Medical billers take the procedure and diagnosis codes used by medical coders and use them to create claims.