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Why Patients should own their Medical Records?

Medical Records are hidden and don't travel well to patients.Hie enables patient engagement, offering patients an electronic copy of their medical information that they can share with their healthcare providers.

EMR is a systematic way of record-keeping that is stored electronically so that it can be accessed anywhere Easly

EMR contains information about the patient's medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, test results, radiology images such as x-ray, personal information like age, weight, family, and address, etc. keeeping all the medical records about the person at the same place, make it more efficient and easly accessible.


The fact that the patient is the most important person in a medical care system must be recognised by all those who work in the system. This single factor makes a significant difference to the patient care in any hospital

  • Access. Accessibility and availability of both the hospital and the physician are assured to all those who require health care.

  • Waiting. Waiting times for all services are minimised.

  • Information. Patient information and instruction about all procedures, both medical and administrative, are made very clear.

  • Administration. Check-in and check-out procedures are ‘patient friendly’.

  • Communication. enhanced our interactions with patients and their families to avoid a lot of frustration and anxiety

  • Use of Appropriate Medications. Access to low cost medicines is an absolute necessity for appropriate care.

  • Use of Newer Technologies. It is important to continually employ newer technologies that improve the quality of care.

General health care

General health care

Provides a range of different

services for patients.

Dental services

Dental services

Dental care is the maintenance

of healthy teeth.

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

The management and care of a

patient to combat disease .

Cardiac Clinic

Cardiac Clinic

Expert cardiologists in

managing cardiology conditions.



Treatment of bones that have

not grown correctly or that have

been damaged.



Workplace for the conduct of

scientific research.


Access your health records anytime, Connect with your Patient Mobidoc doctor .

Doctor Portal

Patient Portal

Pharmacy Portal