Building a Positive Health Human Future with Technology


Telemedicine is a form of remote medical practice using information and communication technologies to connect patients or health professionals (doctor, nurse, dentist ...). Telemedicine is therefore an important vector for improving access to healthcare, in particular in areas considered to be a medical desert. By secure communication, depending on your reason for consulting, you can quickly obtain the advice of a doctor, certain prescriptions if necessary or a reference to consult a specialist, all without having to consult a doctor in person. This service is indicated for the evaluation of certain conditions and minor emergencies, when the doctor can objectify and examine directly by photo or video a lesion (ex. Skin problem), or when no particular lesion needs to be examined. (eg medication renewal for troubleshooting in a stable condition without the need for clinical examination).


which allows a medical professional to assist another professional remotely during the performance of an act.


provided within the framework of medical regulation during calls made to the SAMU or centers 15 is part of telemedicine procedures.


Offering video appointments can extend timely, convenient, affordable and high-quality general practice to patients where a physical examination is not required.


Which consists, for a medical professional, in seeking the opinion of one or more expert medical professionals from elements of the patient's medical record.


which allows a medical professional to consult a patient remotely.


which allows a healthcare professional to remotely interpret the data necessary for the patient's medical follow-up to make decisions about their care.


To receive advice from a physician member in good standing of the College of Physicians of Quebec, in connection with your condition; A prescription (prescription) if it proves justified; and direct shipment to the pharmacy of your choice if it is a medication; Renewal of your medication previously prescribed by a specialized nurse practitioner (IPS) or a doctor, and direct shipment to your pharmacy choice; Consultation and follow-up for minor routine care requiring medical advice: sore throat, urinary tract infection, and other minor problems; A minor dermatological condition, urgent or not, which can be examined by photo or video; A reference to consult a specialist doctor or any other health professional to be recommended by a doctor; An appointment for an in-person consultation with a doctor if a medical examination requires it; To work closely with your health professional and give him medical advice .