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e-Prescribing is defined as the process of electronically generating and sending a prescription order, so that physicians and other medical practitioners can transmit an electronic prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care.

e-Prescribing or electronic prescribing improves accuracy, enhances patient safety and quality of care since there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret or calling in prescriptions.


  • Save time and resources. Since electronic prescriptions are delivered directly to the pharmacy’s computer systems, there’s less need for pharmacy staff to manually enter data or call or fax to clarify orders.

  • Improve patient safety. Pharmacists are less likely to interpret electronic orders incorrectly.

  • View your ordering screen side-by-side with the patient’s chart or encounter, so you always have context on the patient’s current status.

  • Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks display for each individual medication, helping you meet Meaningful Use e-prescribing measures, maximizing EHR incentives, avoiding penalties and ensure quality of care.

  • No need to create custom medications, since our quick drug search database is always up to date.

  • Search your frequently prescribed medications to quickly find a medication you’re looking for.

  • Our pharmacy search defaults to searching retail pharmacies in your area and keeps a list of your frequently used pharmacies.